About Us

Sun Yorkos is a family business dedicated to bolstering our customer’s creativity. With the growth of customer needs, Sun Yorkos USA was established in 1990. We are one of the top suppliers in millinery supplies and hat trimming needs. We carry a diverse collection of products for creative designers and milliners around the world. We work closely with our clients to address trends demanded by the fashion world.

Some of our Products

Our Brands

Zoria Brand Image

Offering top selections for the millinery and crafts industry by supplying horsehair, sinamay, PP braids, straws braids, feathers, among many others with all kinds of base materials.

Alexandria J Brand Image

Our premium line of modern couture hats for Kentucky Derby, Wedding, Church, and special occasions, offering classic yet delicate embellishments, the gorgeous trimming with hand made craftsmanship.

Kakyco Brand Image

Quality dress hats, sinamay hats, satin ribbon hats, metallic hats, church hats, fascinators, cocktails, and face veils.

Fiore Brand Image

Stylish, casual hats for everyone everyday. Great for shading your face during the hot season or for keeping you warm in cold weather.

Photo Collage of Mr. Ting

Our Founder

Photo of our Founder, Mr. Ting

Mr. Ting

During World War II, Mr. Ting’s father started material trading with Japan in Taiwan. Mr. Ting and his brother decided to continue this legacy by not only continuing the trade with Japan but also by establishing Sun Yorkos. Slowly, Mr. Ting expanded his trade and company to Europe and the USA. As a salesman, he traveled all over to meet each customer face to face and, along the way, developed a variety of products, thus creating our diverse range of quality products.

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